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I’m a couple of days late, but Cee’s challenge this week was to show rainbow colors. I photographed all these objects in my home.

crocheted pillow, colorful

A crocheted pillow my grandmother made for me

colorful cat plate

A colorful cat plate on the wall

mexican art

Sun and Moon art bought in Mexico

We need all the color we can get indoors during the winter months!

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Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

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Yesterday I had a poem posted on Poet’s CornerĀ (click here to read it).

If you haven’t checked out the blog before, you should! They post a poem daily; many different poetic styles are featured. It’s a great way to discover some creative bloggers!

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I’m a day late, but Jake’s Sunday Post Topic this week is Plains.

I live in tree-filled New England in the United States. The closest thing we have to “plains” are farm fields, which fits Jake’s definition wherein he discusses the importance of plains to agriculture. In New England our farm fields are smaller in area than those in the U.S. Midwest, and they always seemed to be edged by trees.

farm equipment

The second photo I scanned from my “shoebox.” It was taken in Pennsylvania many years ago; it is a bit closer to the “plains” of the central US than New England, in appearance as well as miles. The hazy aspect of the photo made me feel it worked better in black and white. Notice the lack of trees…

Field in Pennsylvania

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This week’s topic is forward.

The current helps the boat move forward.

boat, canal, water

Boat on Cape Cod Canal

I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t someone saying “Forward March!” to this group.

People walking, walking in the woods

Walking forward

Lastly, this pull toy faces forward, waiting to be pulled…

pull toy

Wanting to move forward

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Here’s a photo that definitely fits Cee’s Topic this week.

Concerts on the Common, Boston

Concert’s on the Common “uniform”

What is it, you may ask? When I was in my 20s I was a volunteer usher for a summer outdoor concert series in Boston. This was the “uniform” we wore over our clothes. I had a couple of them, one plastic and one cloth. Getting rid of stuff some years ago I decided I would only keep one. This is it: I figured I can use it for an apron sometime (I haven’t though).

The next couple of photos are MOSTLY red and white (I know I’m cheating a little).

flowers, bench

Red Flowers and White Bench

Moving Vans

Moving vans

It is funny that although the trucks are red and white, the word “yellow” stands out the most!

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Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

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rabbit, bunny, snow

Bunny in snowstorm

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snowy tree, tree photo

As long as you are inside and warm, the blizzard can be beautiful. Trees dressed to the nines.

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Jake’s topic this week is unforgettable. It’s a great topic that I think pays tribute to the value of experience and memories.

A couple of years ago I lost my beloved cat, Simone. She was over 20 years old. We have two new kitties now that we love very much, but we’ll never forget Simone. We had her cremated and have this little memorial on the hall table: her picture, her copper urn, and a little book of our favorite memories of her life.

cat urn, memorial for pet

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In keeping with Valentine’s Day, this week’s photo challenge topic is Kiss. If I went to the shoebox, I’m sure I could find some wedding photos, but I wanted to post something a little different.

My father passed away in 2010, but when we were collecting photos for the collages, this is one that someone came up with: my brother and father. I think is shows the clown in them both, but also the love behind it.

Father and son

The second photo was taken at my great-nephew’s christening: it was a happy day!

baby christening

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The blizzard I just experienced was white, white and more white.

snow, blizzard


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