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We had a glorious day in Boston on Sunday: not a cloud in the sky, not too hot, not too cold…PERFECT. I walked around the public gardens enjoying the flowers and trees. Some of my favorites: the majestic weeping willows that surround the Swan boat pond. They just say “summer” to me.

Boston, Weeping Willow


Boston, Weeping Willow


Boston, Weeping Willow

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I thought I might have some trouble with this week’s challenge, in fact I thought it might be impossible to achieve depth of field. I have an auto-focus camera that doesn’t have manual settings to play with. But I discovered I can still get some of the effects by taking the time to use the auto-focus feature correctly. I decided to be brave and show the BAD and the GOOD.

In the first photo, the background is slightly blurry. It was okay, but not exactly what I wanted.



The second one is not what I intended AT ALL!  I like the background colors, but I intended them to be blurry, with the piece of grass in the foreground in focus! I definitely focused on the wrong thing here.

Example of bad use of depth of field


Finally, I got the shot I wanted (though it isn’t exactly the bee’s best side). With my camera, I think depth of field is easier to achieve with macro shots.

Bee on Clover

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I’m a bit late participating in this week’s challenge, but this photo of my cat, Zoee says “carefree” to me.

Cat using Cat Furniture

Zoee likes her new cat furniture…

This is a far-cry from her “screaming” this morning as she went off to the vet’s in a new carrier (one she thought was too small) to get her nails trimmed…

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Family of Graves

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I guess I didn’t officially follow the rules of the challenge the first time: one portrait, one landscape. So here’s my rule-following version:




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This Week’s Topic suggests taking one shot and presenting it two ways.

On a recent hike, we came to an observation tower made out of stone. I took this shot of the window in the stairway of the tower as we climbed to the top. It was dark in the building so my flash went off, lighting up the nearby bricks.

Stone Building Window

It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for so I cropped it this way.

Stone Building Window Close-up

I think the second picture looks a little more abstract.

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This week’s Photo Challenge Topic is Foreshadow.

Does this green-fruited apple tree foreshadow some fall apple pies?

Apple Tree

I’m sure the owners of this furniture store hope that their sign is a foreshadowing of a busy weekend. (Next weekend is tax-free weekend in Massachusetts when people can make purchases up to $2500 without taxes.)

Tax Free Holiday

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