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This is my entry for The Daily Post at WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. I feel like I’m cheating a little (I’m going back to 2004) and these are not random people, but these were taken on the street…and they represent a fleeting moment in a different context: FAME.

In 2004, the New England Patriots were Super Bowl Champions. The players rode on “duck boats” through the streets of Boston to cheering crowds. It was an exciting day for the fans and the players. They were enjoying the moment with their own cameras.

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People sell crafts from their yard…

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I admit, I struggled with Jake’s latest topic. I think of villages as something they have in other countries, not the United States where we have towns and cities. To that end, I went to the “shoe box” to try to find a photo from an old trip to Europe that I could scan –nothing I liked. Then I thought a little harder. Within our small towns, there are areas of a few streets or a few blocks with their own names; these areas used to be “villages.”

I took this photo a year ago with the intention of showing the note on the window. (I don’t want to give away why…one of these days I will get a good shot; that’s for another blog post.) I took the photo from my car as I rode by, so I didn’t get the quality I wanted, but this little post office is important for another reason. It has historical significance; it is part of an area within our town called Elmwood.

The Elmwood church, kitty-corner across the street, recently closed and will be torn down. It used to be a bustling place where people gathered, and it also housed community theater. There’s a tribute at the library describing this. As for this post office, as far as I know, it still has post office boxes, but I think with recent post office cutbacks, they let the postmaster go. A local historian named Thomas Turner explained its connection to Abraham Lincoln in a 2009 interview:

Lincoln came back through the area in 1861 when his son Robert was attending Philips Exeter Academy in Andover. Robert continued his schooling at Harvard during the Civil War.

The Elmwood section of East Bridgewater was a very busy shoe factory area during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln sent a request to the factory to have their own post office so they could ship the shoes directly to the Union soldiers.

Turner believes the little post office is still in use.

“Most places don’t have a small post office anymore,” Turner said. “In most other towns it would have been long gone.”

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge topic this week is a verb: Create. I love to create — poems, photos, collages –the list goes on.

When my father died one year and a half years ago, we threw together some collages for the wake. We collected photos from all his children, scanned them and used printouts on cheap paper to make three collages. That process allowed the original photos to go back to their respective owners, but the quality was not there. We used a glue stick to stick the photos to a poster board, also not the best process. It lasted long enough for the wake, but it wasn’t long before the photos were curling and peeling off.

On Father’s Day last weekend, I got out the Elmer’s glue and repaired the collage that I had made. I also put Modge Podge on it and added some letters cut out of a magazine to spell his name. It was a nice way to think of him on Father’s day and relive some memories. I plan to add a clear acrylic spray to help preserve it.

My husband had the great idea that the collage could “visit” different family member’s houses so everyone can enjoy it now that some time has passed. Soon my father will be visiting each of us again…

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Turtles matter…


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Thanks to Jake for this week’s Sunday Post photo challenge! I actually think I will blog about this again later in more detail.

When I was a teenager, I worked at a movie theater. I did everything there: cashiered, worked at the candy stand, popped popcorn, and cleaned the theaters at the end of the night. My family and friends loved that I worked there because they got to see movies for free! And one of the best perks was getting the movie posters afterwards! They were supposed to go back to the studios, but my manager gave them out to the workers. I had some of them framed and they hang on the wall in our TV room.  This is my favorite.

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I’m a couple of days late with this week’s Photo Challenge, but I hope it is worth it.

I was very lucky to get close to this dragonfly.

And also this bee on the meadow sage; look carefully he’s on the right-hand side of the photo.

Finally…I have a hard time posting without including my kitties. When it is cold, they sleep close together:

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This photo challenge is courtesy of Jakesprinter.

These photos represent three different bodies of water with three different colors.

I saw this turtle fountain at the Tower Hill Botanical Garden.

The second photo is a river with a waterfall: it is Cumberland Falls in Kentucky. It was an overcast day. This waterfall is famous because it actually gives off a rainbow in the moonlight!

The third photo is the ocean. It must have been high tide…not much beach; everyone is crowded up on the rocks.

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Here is my Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

I had some great ideas for this one, but couldn’t get the pictures. It was beautiful weather and motorcycles were everywhere. I thought it would be a great theme for friendship (motorcycle clubs), but…I couldn’t get them driving by! I also thought a children’s team playing baseball would be a great one…I didn’t find any. So…I had to settle for the statue at my public library.


Better luck next week, I guess!

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I see things like this…a great use for an old children’s pool:

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