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My 2015 was quite challenging, but rewarding too: I found my joy and the ability to see the beauty in the world through photography. I look forward to sharing it with you all in the year ahead. May it be a more peaceful, joyful and fulfilling one for us all!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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Two ducks

Seeing Double…

I was going to post this duck photo with the caption: Seeing Double. This thought lead my brain to think about Doublemint Gum and to start playing the jingle in my head, which lead me to search for the old commercial:


So there’s your map of my thinking and your laugh for the day. 🙂

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I was walking in a park on Saturday, taking pictures of nature, and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a pine tree that someone decorated!

pine tree, ornaments

Decorated Tree in the Woods

Not many ornaments, but enough to make my photographic day!

ornament on pine tree

Colorful Ornament

blue ornament in pine tree

Blue Ornament

What do you know…there I am in the red ornament! 🙂

red ornament, pine tree

There’s Someone in that Ornament!

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pine, nature, tree

Pine Adorned with Light

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