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I love going out early during the “golden hour.” It is really the only time I get during the week to take photographs, especially this time of year when it is dark when I get out of work. Here are a few images I have taken that are defined by the glow of the morning sun.

Grasses in morning sun

Spider webs in morning sun

Morning glow on hummingbird feeder


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The Beast Observes Beauty

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Stick with carvings

Insect Art

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Anyone who has been following this blog for some time knows that taking pictures is one of my life’s joys, but the parameters of my small-town survival-heavy life do not allow me many trips to new or exotic locations. I am not retired; I do not have the funds or the time to travel to faraway places. But I do see a lot of beauty in my local surroundings and I try to use my photography to help others see the same.

In my other blog, I talk about my project to document the beauty of all the small towns that surround me, but here I will just show you some of the beauty I have seen within 2 miles of where I live.




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Whenever we observe the world, we are framing what we see. Sometimes the frame is made up of our mood, our personality, or our memories: whatever makes up our “frame of reference” or what we choose to focus on. And now I am done with the philosophical part of my post. 🙂

In a more concrete way, in the act of taking a photo, we frame the photo, deciding what is important and how to present it. And sometimes there is a physical frame as in the following photos:

Cow in its Pen

Cow in its Pen


Undeveloped Lot Through a Fence

Undeveloped Lot Through a Fence


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The other morning was a foggy one at Island Grove Pond. I went to check on the swans’ babies.


Swan Family

I went to check on the ducks too. All flights were grounded.

Ducks on Shore

All Flights Grounded



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It is nice to see couples or partners of any sort.

Recently I watched these ducks have a morning bath, then swim away together.

A Pair of Ducks

A Couple of Ducks

And I watched these two bunnies chase each other around the yard.

Bunny partners

A Pair of Bunnies

Lastly, I was walking with a hiking group and saw this couple enjoying a beautiful day.

Couple on a bench

Parners Enjoying a Beautiful Day.

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