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Can these be cuter??!

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LL Bean Boot

Big Boot

Disclaimer, sign

…Especially During Winter…


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This week’s Photo Challenge Topic is Unexpected.

When I moved over the summer from a rural farming town to a small but busy Boston suburb (you can read about my adjustment issues on my other blog), I didn’t expect to find a respite from the noise and bustle or nature within walking distance. I was happy to discover a park barely 1 mile away.

This in itself was unexpected, but there’s a bridge at the park that seems so over-the-top for a very small town. At first it seemed unexpected (in a jarring way), but now I find myself loving it and returning to the bridge over and over.

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Pigs in Santa Suit

Pigs are Ready for Christmas…

With a “late” Thanksgiving and all the talk of an “early” Black Friday, maybe someone should invent a Turkey in a Santa Suit to cover all the bases?

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Hole in Tree

Hello…is anybody home?

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The topic of Ese’s challenge this week is Intangible. Hope, Life, Faith in the Future, and Creativity are all intangibles.

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible”   Anonymous

milkweed seeds

Future Life

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Buddha

Walkway in the Woods

Path to the Future

“Let the path be open to talent”  Napoleon Bonaparte

“The true harvest of my life is intangible — a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched”  Henry David Thoreau

Innovation Meeting Place

Ideas and Innovation

“Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You, and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving.” W Clement Stone

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This week’s photo challenge topic is Layers.

I chose a photo with Layers of clouds (as well as layers of seagull doodoo on the post).

The seagull is not amused…


Layers of clouds and, dare I say…poo…

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Christmas Plaque

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sign growth into tree

A sign became part of a tree…

This week’s weekly photo challenge topic is “Habit.” I’m a bit late getting to it, but I still thought it was worth doing. Why does this photo represent “habit” you ask?

Because ever since I have been participating in these photo challenges, it has become my habit to carry my camera everywhere I go. I don’t want to miss a thing. I was just commenting as I walked with friends the other day, that this habit has increased my mindfulness in my everyday life…slowed me down…made me notice things I wouldn’t normally notice. It has increased my happiness.

It has incorporated creativity into my life like this sign has become inseparable from this tree.

See also this post on my other blog about creativity “habits”…

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Cee’s Photo Challenge this week is to show one item or the number one.

Here’s a few that fit the bill. I took them on a recent trip to Boston,walking on the Greenway on a rainy day.


If you want to see more examples or join the fun, click on the icon below:

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

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