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Spinning Webs Doesn’t Fly Here…


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The forests are full of life, but sometimes you really have to look closely…


Daddy Long Legs

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Henry David Thoreau's grave

Henry David Thoreau’s Grave

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tree roots

Nature’s exhibition

Have you heard of the exhibition called Body Worlds Vital? Tree Worlds Vital is free; it is out there for everyone to see!

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swans, bridge, fog

The Line Between Real Life and Dreams…

The word Dreamy makes me think of ethereal things, fogginess, a lack of clarity.

It was foggy the other morning when I took this photo near where I live.

What struck me about it, and what made me feel it was perfect for the challenge, was the half and half quality of it. I did not make it that way with photo alterations. The colorful trees on the left side of the photo reflected in the water are in contrast to the lack of color on the right side of the photo where there is no reflection.

Makes me think of The Wizard of Oz…how Kansas (real life) is depicted in black and white, and OZ (Dorothy’s dream) is in color.

Do you dream in color?

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model plane crash

Curse You Red Baron!

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I love interesting signs, I particularly like colorful hand-carved wooden ones like this leather shop on Beacon Hill in Boston.

Leather shop sign

Carved Wooden Sign

Here are a few others I have posted in the past:

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