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swan boat and real swan

Is it real or is it Memorex?

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The Beast Observes Beauty

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Ideas for repurposing often spring out of economic necessity, and thus they often begin with something that is usually thrown away or can be acquired free. If it is a good idea, it can become trendy and shabby-chic. Pallet furniture is an example.

First there was pallet furniture, then Christmas season brought pallet trees!

christmas decorations

Partial Pallet Tree

Last year I went to the Megacities exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The art for this exhibit was mostly made out of what some would consider “trash.” The art in the rotunda was made from plastic dishes!

plastic dishes repurposed

Megacities Exhibit — Plastic Dishes Repurposed

For more examples of repurposed, click here!




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I’m a bit late this week, but better late than never. This is the biggest “desk” I’ve ever seen; that’s some room to work!

Harvard Library, woman on laptop

Now That’s an Executive Desk!

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The week’s challenge topic is Monument. Here is a gallery of monument photos I have featured in the past, plus a couple of new ones.

The Boston area of the U.S. has a lot of history, though we are really a “young” nation compared with Europe. So, none of these monuments are really “old.”

The Library at Peacefield is from the 1800s.

So too, is the statue of Washington in the Public Gardens.

The original “Mayflower” that brought the pilgrims to America is long gone; the Mayflower II is a replica built in the 1950s.


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The Weekly Photo Challenge topic this week is Community. As the year winds to a close and the snow falls outside, I reflected on the past year and decided to post pictures from an important event (and remind myself of warmer weather).

After the Boston Marathon bombings in April, people tied prayer flags to the wrought iron fence of the Arlington Street Church, down the street from the finish line where the bombings occurred. I was in the city of Boston in August and took these shots. It was very moving — an impressive demonstration of a sense of community.

Boston Marathon bombing rememberance

Prayer Flags at the Arlington Street Church in Boston

Prayer Flags at Arlington Street Church

An Outpouring of Prayers…

After the devastation of the bombing, Boston’s sense of community culminated in the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series with the slogan, “Boston Strong!”

The prayer flags were later painstakingly untied by volunteers with knitting needles. Some were saved for a memorial quilt and some were burned, so I’m glad I got to see them while they were there.

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Cee’s Photo Challenge this week is to show one item or the number one.

Here’s a few that fit the bill. I took them on a recent trip to Boston,walking on the Greenway on a rainy day.


If you want to see more examples or join the fun, click on the icon below:

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

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The topic this week is the lines and patterns we see in the world around us.

These are a few I have seen recently.

Pavilion Boston Common

Standing inside the pavilion in Boston Common


Bridge Railing

Bridge Railing

Park Bench

Park Bench with Blossoms

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Cheri Lucas Rowlands gives us this week’s Photo Challenge: Unusual Point of View.  She introduces it this way:

Challenge yourself to rethink your ideas about what subjects are appropriate, and then challenge yourself again to find an unusual perspective on your subject.

Cool Globes Exhibit

Globes Along Boston Common

I recently went into Boston to meet a friend and saw these “Cool Globes” in different areas of the city. The art exhibit is to call attention to the issue of global warming. (You can read about it here.) All of the globes represent an artist’s unique perspective on the issue.

Cool Globe Exhibit

Globe Created Using Plastic

Cool Globe Exhibit

Globes in Early Morning

I really enjoyed looking at them as I walked around and took pictures of some of them…and I took pictures of other people taking pictures and enjoying them too, which I think is a unique perspective!

Cool Globe Exhibit

Hiding Behind a Globe, Photographing Someone Else Photographing a Globe

Cool Globe Exhibit

In Copley Square, These Kids Found a Globe They Could Sit In


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We had a glorious day in Boston on Sunday: not a cloud in the sky, not too hot, not too cold…PERFECT. I walked around the public gardens enjoying the flowers and trees. Some of my favorites: the majestic weeping willows that surround the Swan boat pond. They just say “summer” to me.

Boston, Weeping Willow


Boston, Weeping Willow


Boston, Weeping Willow

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