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Halloween Decorated Door

Happy Halloween!

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Red Fall Tree

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This week’s photo challenge topic is Horizon. This caterpillar’s horizon is different from yours and mine:


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Penguin Pumpkin

Penguin Pumpkin

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This week’s photo challenge topic is to show the “hue of you.”

My feelings on this particular day are monochromatic:


But putting today aside, I would say my general hue would encompass rainbow colors because I am interested in so many things and I’m a multi-faceted person.


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leaf in cement

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I have always loved birch trees; they seem so luminous among other trees, like nature’s blank sheet of paper…

Birch in the Sun


The tree seemed to be aware of me taking the photo…do you see the eye and raised eyebrow at the top?

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This week’s photo challenge topic is infinite. There’s nothing that says infinite to me more than the beach on a cloudy day…the water and sky almost become one.


Endless blue


rippled water

Gently rippled water

boardwalk, beach

Walkway to the Infinite

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Linen on Antique shop Wall

Antique linen

This week’s topic is Good Morning.

My friend and I were walking on a golf course yesterday morning. The grass looked so pristine as we walked out on it,  we thought the course must be closed. But when we turned around to walk back, we saw not only the traces of our own footsteps in the dew, but the telltale signs of an early morning golf cart. Someone had been out there before us!

golf course

A cool cloudy morning at the golf course

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Peace Button

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