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This week’s challenge topic is saturated. The sample showed a saturation of color; I decided to go with a saturation of fruit.

This tree is loaded with pink spiky balls. Does anyone know what kind of tree it is? Is it some kind of chestnut?

Tree with pink spikey balls

Tree with pink spiky balls

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tree with two burls

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cat playing

If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it.

Brendan Francis

If you would like to participate in Ese’s Sunday Challenge or see other examples: click here!

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The topic this week is the lines and patterns we see in the world around us.

These are a few I have seen recently.

Pavilion Boston Common

Standing inside the pavilion in Boston Common


Bridge Railing

Bridge Railing

Park Bench

Park Bench with Blossoms

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A reminder on my wall:



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This week’s photo topic is a good one: Inside. There are so many ways this could be demonstrated I will probably do more than one post!

But I will start with this one. My cat Aimee likes to go inside her “tunnel” to play with her toy.

cat photo

Aimee in her “tunnel”

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I was out walking the other day, deep in thought and looking at the ground, when I saw this:


Chestnuts in the gutter

And then I saw this on the sidewalk (I honestly did not arrange this…it was there, just like this).

Chestnut Leaf

Leaf and shell

And that made me look up and see this:

Chestnuts on Tree

Chestnuts on Tree with their Spiky Coats

I don’t think there are that many chestnut trees anymore due to the chestnut blight. This particular tree, according to the images I saw online, is a horse chestnut, which can be poisonous to humans, unless the chestnuts are prepared properly. But I was grateful to walk under the shade of this one nonetheless.

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