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Here’s my first post in response to the Sunday Post from Jakesprinter; find out more about it here: http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/sunday-post-shelter/

The first photo is a bat house.


The second photo is of a turkey taking shelter in the woods as I chased him trying to take his picture! LOL!


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Together says family to me. I recently saw this mother goat and her babies.



The second photo shows a “family” of pigs as a sculpture.

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In honor of April being National Poetry Month, I thought I’d share a quick story of how I fell in love with poetry.

I loved the book Tirra Lirra by Laura E. Richards (AKA Mother Goose), and Dr. Seus became a favorite (I think it is for most kids…his work is so FUN); song lyrics stuck in my head from a young age. My father was very proud that I could sing “My Country Tis of Thee” at 2 years old (of course I did not know what I was singing…it was years later that the words made any sense to me).

But I still remember the moment I discovered I loved poetry: I found a copy of Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” in our attic. I opened it and began to read. I didn’t understand it, but it gave me a forbidden rush feeling; I LOVED the sound of the words. I remember sneaking it into my room and reading it aloud to myself. It was truly beautiful to me and made me feel like I was flying.

Celebrate Poetry!

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All living things need sun to grow and thrive: plants, animals, and people.

In the first photo, the daisies are bent toward the sun.

In the second, my nephew takes my great-nephew for one of his first swims on a beautiful sunny day.

And finally, my cat Zoee enjoys a square of sun coming through a skylight.

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I couldn’t let the subject pass without a picture of my two kitties:

…Love from one being to another can only be

that two solitudes come nearer,

recognize and protect

and comfort each other.

HAN SUYIN (Mrs. Elizabeth Comber), Chinese Writer and Physician

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A tough topic and a tough week. I’m only posting one.

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I think this woman’s life must have been quite a journey (95 years):

Many journeys were taken on these tracks, but no more…

Finally, some people’s possessions will be going on a journey…

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