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tree with bandana

Social Distancing Tree

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swan boat and real swan

Is it real or is it Memorex?

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Valentine's Day

Wishing You Love Warm as the Sun!

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Ideas for repurposing often spring out of economic necessity, and thus they often begin with something that is usually thrown away or can be acquired free. If it is a good idea, it can become trendy and shabby-chic. Pallet furniture is an example.

First there was pallet furniture, then Christmas season brought pallet trees!

christmas decorations

Partial Pallet Tree

Last year I went to the Megacities exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The art for this exhibit was mostly made out of what some would consider “trash.” The art in the rotunda was made from plastic dishes!

plastic dishes repurposed

Megacities Exhibit — Plastic Dishes Repurposed

For more examples of repurposed, click here!




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Winter does tend to be overwhelmingly gray. Last winter in New England it was overwhelming white! But this year…we can still see ground. Museums are a great winter activity no matter what the weather.

Art centers are always a place to find vibrant things, inside and outside. This is a bike rack outside the art center in Plymouth, MA. Who wouldn’t want to lock their bike to that beauty?

bike rack

Sculpture AND Bike Rack

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Okay, I’m back again participating in Cee’s challenge. I love this painted “courtyard” area in Cambridge MA.


Wall in Cambridge MA,

I’m Lookin’ at You


Mural on Wall in Cambridge, MA

Artistic Wall

If you want to see some more interesting photos or join Cee’s Challenge, click on the icon below:



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