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I am having some computer problems so I really can’t download any more pictures at the moment. So…for this week’s challenge I had to look through what I have already taken and say, “What conveys optimism?”

I chose a couple of different ways of viewing optimistic. The first is straightforward but humorous. This pig is in the entraceway of a restaurant in Boston: he is sure of getting a good meal!

optimistic pig

A Great Meal is Waiting!

The second is more of a metaphor. I took this on a cold morning before our weekend snowstorm. I felt like crossing the bridge would lead me to sunshine and warmth…

Optimistic bridge, sunny shore

A Bridge to the Sunny Side…

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plow marker with snow

Not One More Flake

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This weekly challenge found me struggling with a computer full of pictures, so many that I don’t dare download any more until I get rid of some!

So with the “weight” of the computer problems on my mind, I turned to some of my recent photos that would depict a more “weightless” frame of mind…

last leaf

The last red leaf on a tree…


fishing lure

Fishing Lure Captured by a Tree

This last photo inspired me to write a “children’s rhyme” on my other blog

leaf and feather

Weightless Pair

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