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Well, we got our first snow of the new winter last night (not counting a TINY dusting we got Christmas Eve). The weather people said we were going to get 10 inches (UGH–plowing bill), but we only got 2-3 inches (YAY–beauty without the trouble!).

The bird’s food dish was frozen (there was rain mixed in the snow) so I had to go out and toss some seeds on top. Here’s a view from my back upstairs window above the bird feeder.

A female cardinal looks on

A female cardinal looks on

Out back where the birds are, the trees were covered with snow.

Fresh snow on trees

Fresh snow on trees

And the sun rose over the freshly fallen snow. I always forget how beautiful the first snow is until I see it.

Second floor office view of the first snow

Second floor office view of the first snow

Sun on fresh snow

Sun on fresh snow


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I started this blog in 2012. My original plan was to post rough draft poetry snippets with some photos. Once I started participating in the Weekly Photo Challenges, it became almost ALL photography. I hope to mix it up more in the new year.

For this challenge I looked through my posts for each month and chose one photo. Some were part of challenges and some were not. In the meantime, I am grateful for the Challenges; they led me to meet a lot of  wonderful people and find a lot of wonderful blogs!

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Merry Christmas!

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So…you know what they say…home-made gifts are most appreciated. Here’s the store-bought gift.

cat toy


And here’s the home-made gift: some pieces of leftover foil paper taped to a wine cork.

Home-made cat toy


Guess which gift is more popular?

cat with toy


Merry Christmas!!

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Jake’s timely topic this week is Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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This week’s topic is Surprise. This topic seems especially appropriate at Christmas when many children dream of Christmas morning surprises. As adults, it is a much more rare occurrence to be surprised in such a happy way. We always try to know what is coming and be prepared; we don’t expect happy surprises, we tend to expect bad ones. It is sometimes a struggle not to get jaded and lose the JOY of surprise. That’s why over the years, my husband and I have sometimes given each other children’s toys. This is one of them: a jack-in-the-box.


As you can see, it has a specific theme. It is a Red Sox Jack-in-the-Box. When you turn the crank it plays “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” And then…

David Ortiz

Out pops David Ortiz! It turns out, it is a “David-in-the-Box”!

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Cee’s topic this week is timely because it is the holiday season. I never post pictures of my family, but that’s what comes to my mind for the topic today. We just had a Christmas get-together last weekend because my relatives were coming from another state that couldn’t get here on Christmas. This is a picture of my niece and my great-nephew! It makes me happy to be around all my nieces, nephews, and great-nephews and nieces!


Happy Holidays to everyone!


Please click the link below to see other photos for Cee’s Challenge!


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After a visit to Northern Narratives today, this photo I took last week came to mind. She’s right about the importance of dead trees, especially for birds and insects; this one is fallen but is still hosting life! You can buy mushroom growing logs for edible mushrooms online. Here’s a natural one, though I wouldn’t know if they are edible.

Dead Tree




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