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Here’s a photo that definitely fits Cee’s Topic this week.

Concerts on the Common, Boston

Concert’s on the Common “uniform”

What is it, you may ask? When I was in my 20s I was a volunteer usher for a summer outdoor concert series in Boston. This was the “uniform” we wore over our clothes. I had a couple of them, one plastic and one cloth. Getting rid of stuff some years ago I decided I would only keep one. This is it: I figured I can use it for an apron sometime (I haven’t though).

The next couple of photos are MOSTLY red and white (I know I’m cheating a little).

flowers, bench

Red Flowers and White Bench

Moving Vans

Moving vans

It is funny that although the trucks are red and white, the word “yellow” stands out the most!

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Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

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Given the holiday season in the US, this is an easy challenge; at Christmas time these colors are everywhere! But, I decided to go with two non-Christmas photos and two Christmas photos to step oh-so-slightly out of the box.

Chicken and water bucket




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