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This week’s Photo Challenge Topic is delicate. I looked around my home for items I would define this way. (I’m too delicate to go outside in the cold!)

It’s Christmas time and I have a lot of delicate ornaments made out of glass, but this ornament is the most delicate of all. It is a very old “egg” ornament that my mother gave me. It is a decorated egg shell. She gave me two, but unfortunately I broke one last year.


My husband has done a lot of traveling for his job. He got this Japanese fan on one of his trips. It is made of silk and hand-painted. We put it in a frame to preserve it and display it.


Last but not least, this is a slightly different definition of delicate, as in “high-maintenance.” I love plants, but one plant I had limited success growing until recently was an African Violet. They have very specific needs in order to thrive and bloom: a window facing East is best and DO NOT get any water on its fuzzy leaves! You have to water them from the bottom. Someone told me they need to be pot-bound in order to bloom, but I’m not sure if that is true; I gave it a little African Violet food and as you can see, it gave me flowers!

African Violet

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Photographing for this challenge made me decide that purple is a color that’s hard to pin down. The word purple seems like a childhood word, from the most basic set of Crayola crayons. At this point in my life I am more likely to use a word representing the hues of purple, ranging from magenta to lavender to eggplant. Nature provides so many examples.

I have two different types of butterfly bushes in my yard, one is dark purple (I would call it violet) and other one is lighter purple with pink tones (probably what I would have called lilac when I was younger, but now that I’ve grown and seen so many different colors of lilacs…not sure). At this point the darker bush has many spent blooms, while the blooms on the lighter one are still opening.

The sunny side of my house is one long driveway, so I line it with containers and pots (I call it my “hillbilly garden). This year I’m growing two types of eggplants: Black Beauty (so dark they are almost black) and Ichiban (a lighter purple). Either of these colors could be called eggplant.

Going around to the back of my house, I took a photo of a late pea flower (this is my favorite shade of purple) and of my purple beans (they’re so beautiful when they are raw, but they turn a normal green when cooked).

Finally I went back in the house and took a photo of my African violet, whose flowers are just going by.

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