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Jake’s Topic this week is Bridge. Most of the time when we think of bridges, I think we all picture BIG bridges: icons like the Golden Gate Bridge. So I decided to show that sometimes bridges can be small (and cute).

Small Covered Bridge

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This challenge invites a myriad of individual responses. I’m going with this for now; maybe I’ll post another later.



A lot of people collect frog statues and frog emblems. Some people just like frogs. But I’ve also heard that FROG is an acronym: Forever Rely on God. For some people this creature is a reminder of an attitude and a way to approach life.

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Cow statue, cow with world map

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tree blossoms on lawn

Litter Bug

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The Photo Challenge topic for this week is Curves.

Yesterday we had the final in a series of yard sales because we are moving. The process of weeding out long-held possessions and recognizing their lack of value to others has been a difficult one.

We had used these metal sculptures as “end tables” between furniture in a small space, although I think they may have been intended to be tabletop candle holders. I like them a lot; I was actually a bit relieved that no one bought them so I could have an excuse to keep them! They don’t take up too much space…and they are just too fun!

Musical End Tables/Candleholders

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The Weekly Photo Challenge topic this week is capturing a fleeting moment. Here are few different examples:


Winter Sunset from the Window


Dragonfly alight

cat yawning

Yawning or Laughing?



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Frog in grass

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This week’s topic is a photograph of a sign that says something to you.

Although I have used this photo before for another challenge, it’s worth another post because it makes me laugh.


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