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This week’s Photo Challenge Topic is Street Life.

I don’t go into “The City” (meaning Boston) much, but yesterday I ventured to Plymouth (of the Pilgrims fame), one of my favorite towns. I went to attend a reception for a photo show at the Art Center there. I was hoping to take some photos at the same time, but it was extremely cold and rainy.

This is what I got: one person without an umbrella or rain coat, hurrying down the street, sticking close to the buildings in an effort to get less wet.

Plymouth, MA

Main Street in Plymouth, MA in the Rain

In the summer and fall this little town is invaded by visitors not only from the US, but from all over the world. It has a lovely harbor and it is a beautiful place, but trying to go there during tourist season can be a daunting experience. Offseason it is fun to wander around because of the mixture of old and new. If you look down alleys you can find gems like this old tree.

Old Tree in Plymouth

Old Tree in Plymouth

Tree in Plymouth

Old Tree with Roots in History













The distance picture doesn’t really show how big the trunk looks so I took a closer view of the roots.  I’ll have to go back there and take a more “planned” photo when I am not getting wet and cold!

Last year the photo exhibit was a week later and the weather was better. This is a photo I took last year walking from the art center down to the water.

Plymouth Street

Plymouth Street

Still offseason…

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Ese’s prompt this week is Mysterious.

Old photographs


The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.

Oscar Wilde



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The weekly photo challenge topic this week is reflections.

One of photography’s ironies is that the most beautiful days do not necessarily produce the best reflections. For myself…give me some clouds and I’m a happy snapper. A sunset is the icing on the cake. Gratitude lives in those moments.

river sunset

Give me Clouds in my River

river sunset

The River Grasps the Color of Day’s End

river sunset

Reflecting on Nature’s Beauty

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A lovely card, made and sent to me by a friend.

Home-made card



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This week’s topic is Inside. It was very tempting to repost pictures of my cats previously used for this topic…but here’s something different.

In the first photo, I was inside, looking out.

Norris Reservation, north river

The second photo shows a leaf trapped inside the ice.

frozen leaf under ice


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One man bandNow that’s a musician!

Wish I had come across him nowadays with a decent camera and a great setting…

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This week’s photo challenge is about perspective: post a photo which is not what it seems to be. Make sure you share what the photo actually is of in its caption!

For some reason, I just couldn’t concentrate or readily come up with something for this challenge. I got the example in my head and was searching for something similar in my photos and couldn’t come up with anything: translation — mental block. Here’s what came to me this sleepyhead morning after the weekend time change.

Someone has been having lobster:

lobster claw

Remains of a Lobster.

I guess I know who it was:

Lobster claw shell

The Gulls have been Here.

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cat silhouette

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This week’s topic is Abandoned.

abandoned shack

one sneaker

abandoned boat

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