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It is nice to see couples or partners of any sort.

Recently I watched these ducks have a morning bath, then swim away together.

A Pair of Ducks

A Couple of Ducks

And I watched these two bunnies chase each other around the yard.

Bunny partners

A Pair of Bunnies

Lastly, I was walking with a hiking group and saw this couple enjoying a beautiful day.

Couple on a bench

Parners Enjoying a Beautiful Day.

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If a frog hops in the woods, do you hear it? I did…thanks to the dead leaves,┬ábut I almost didn’t see him!

Frog in leaves

Frog Blending In

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Anything for Me?

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This week’s photo topic is a good one: Inside. There are so many ways this could be demonstrated I will probably do more than one post!

But I will start with this one. My cat Aimee likes to go inside her “tunnel” to play with her toy.

cat photo

Aimee in her “tunnel”

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Swan Family

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Frog in grass

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This week’s topic is Beyond.

I chose a couple of oddball photos, not the prettiest or most artistic, but I think both are examples of the observer looking beyond the subject in the foreground.

Down the street from me is an old farm with many different kinds of animals…not necessarily typical farm animals in the U.S. Their pen is right on the street, so if you are walking by you can stop and look at the animals. Although the goats and sheep are typical, the emus are not, and in the background where the white building and red door appear, there are exotic birds, perhaps white peacocks? I can’t see what kind they are from the street, but they have huge white bodies and you can sometimes hear their unfamiliar calls when you pass by.


The other photo I chose was from last summer. As I was driving down the street when I saw an antique Ford Galaxie in front of me. I was happy when the light turned red and I had an opportunity to snap this photo. The traffic lights do not make it the most artistic shot, but I think with the road stretching out ahead of us, the viewer looks beyond the car to the rest of the wide intersection.

Ford Galaxie

Ford Galaxie

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