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I think every moment of your life is ephemeral, because that moment with those exact conditions will never happen again. Because we in the North Eastern U.S. had our snowiest winter on record (and it is snowing again today for the 10th weekend in a row even though the calendar says it is spring), I have chosen all winter ephemeral images for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

A sunrise.

sunrise with snow

Winter sunrise

A sunset.

sunset with snow

Winter Sunset

A Shadow.

Shadow on snow


Tracks on Snow.

footprint in snow

Tracks on Snow

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drainpipe running water

Free at Last!

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Snow pile

No Parking, No Kidding

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monster card, frankenstein

Yes, this winter was a monster…

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If you watch the news, you are probably aware of the terrible weather the U.S. has been experiencing this winter. I live in New England, where we are close to setting the record for the snowiest winter we have ever had!

I’m hoping the reward for dealing with this debilitating winter and stupendous snowfall will be a lovely temperate spring and a sunny beautiful summer!

Creeping phlox on Stone Wall

Creeping phlox on Stone Wall

Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms


Beach Walking

Walking on the Beach

Beach Sitting

Sitting on the Beach


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