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I think every moment of your life is ephemeral, because that moment with those exact conditions will never happen again. Because we in the North Eastern U.S. had our snowiest winter on record (and it is snowing again today for the 10th weekend in a row even though the calendar says it is spring), I have chosen all winter ephemeral images for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

A sunrise.

sunrise with snow

Winter sunrise

A sunset.

sunset with snow

Winter Sunset

A Shadow.

Shadow on snow


Tracks on Snow.

footprint in snow

Tracks on Snow

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The weekly photo challenge topic this week is reflections.

One of photography’s ironies is that the most beautiful days do not necessarily produce the best reflections. For myself…give me some clouds and I’m a happy snapper. A sunset is the icing on the cake. Gratitude lives in those moments.

river sunset

Give me Clouds in my River

river sunset

The River Grasps the Color of Day’s End

river sunset

Reflecting on Nature’s Beauty

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The Weekly Photo Challenge topic this week is capturing a fleeting moment. Here are few different examples:


Winter Sunset from the Window


Dragonfly alight

cat yawning

Yawning or Laughing?



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Zoee contemplates the passing of another day...

Zoee contemplates the passing of another day…

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