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tree with three trunks


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If a frog hops in the woods, do you hear it? I did…thanks to the dead leaves, but I almost didn’t see him!

Frog in leaves

Frog Blending In

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boots with flowers

Flowering Boots

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Endurance implies a length of time to me. Not only to endure challenging physical conditions such as weather, but to endure cultural changes and societal changes. To live on long after death is best kind of endurance there is.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Grave of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Bench with Boots

Matching Boots

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Goldenrod, bee

One Heavy Bee


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I don’t have the opportunity to travel much: thus the subtitle of this blog. My world is quite small. For the most part, my “adventures” consist of checking out local parks and taking photographs. I actually spend most of my time trying to avoid “humanity,” so this is a tough challenge for me. I took this photo during a recent trip to a city park; I thought it was great to see people using the park.


cyclist, mural

Biking is fun!

I get my dose of humanity from the many wonderful bloggers from other countries whose work I enjoy; here are just a few:

From Turkey: Uncle Spike’s Adventures

From The Netherlands: Chris Breebaart Photography

From Indonesia: Bam’s Blog

From France: RedStuffDan

From Norway: An American in Norway and The World According to Dina


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heart-shaped rocks

A Community

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sumac flower


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Bees on a Bench

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