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Goldenrod, bee

One Heavy Bee


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I thought I might have some trouble with this week’s challenge, in fact I thought it might be impossible to achieve depth of field. I have an auto-focus camera that doesn’t have manual settings to play with. But I discovered I can still get some of the effects by taking the time to use the auto-focus feature correctly. I decided to be brave and show the BAD and the GOOD.

In the first photo, the background is slightly blurry. It was okay, but not exactly what I wanted.



The second one is not what I intended AT ALL!  I like the background colors, but I intended them to be blurry, with the piece of grass in the foreground in focus! I definitely focused on the wrong thing here.

Example of bad use of depth of field


Finally, I got the shot I wanted (though it isn’t exactly the bee’s best side). With my camera, I think depth of field is easier to achieve with macro shots.

Bee on Clover

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I’m a couple of days late with this week’s Photo Challenge, but I hope it is worth it.

I was very lucky to get close to this dragonfly.

And also this bee on the meadow sage; look carefully he’s on the right-hand side of the photo.

Finally…I have a hard time posting without including my kitties. When it is cold, they sleep close together:

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