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fire fighter teddy bear

Fire frightens me, so I’ve always kept my distance. Although you’ll find no direct fire pictures here in response to Cee’s topic this week, it has relevance for me. For over fourteen years I worked for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a non-profit organization that publishes “codes and standards intended to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks.” Most of the artwork we had at the organization were pictures of famous fires! We had two antique fire trucks in our lobby! Everyone’s office and cube contained items associated with fire. Here are a few of my items.

Mesa fire truck replica

This replica fire truck was given to me by the fire chief of Mesa, Arizona, while I was on a business trip. Mesa at one time was considered one of the best fire departments in the country, thus the commemorative fire truck.


Fire Prevention week is the middle of October every year (the week that contains October 9th). This was a big to-do at NFPA; we had a week-long “celebration” of sorts with contests and events every day. We received a commemorative tee-shirt every year; this is one of my really old ones.

Fire Prevention Week t-shirt

Then there were the trinkets: mugs, pens, pins, etc; these are just the ones I could easily find. My favorite things in this picture are my two lead fire fighters. They were in my drawer when I started working there so I adopted them! (In case you are wondering, the one with the red hose is a haz-mat guy.)

lead fire fighter toys and pins

My working there always seemed a bit ironic to me — to be surrounded by images and spend so many hours engulfed by a subject that frightened me — but at least I learned a lot of ways to prevent it from happening and to diminish the losses that can result from it.

If you want to see pictures of actual fire images or other interpretations, click on the icon below!


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Photograph of accident scene

What Happened Here?

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Jakesprinter’s topic this week is Focused Attention.

cat with owner, tabby cat

Me and Aimee

The TV is on, but my attention is focused on my cat Aimee in my lap. Aimee is focused on the camera!

In this photo, my other cat Zoee is focused on the world outside.

cat, calico cat

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The weekly photo challenge topic for this week is love. There are so many different types of love.

I was lucky to be able to witness a wonderful love firsthand: my parents were a few months short of celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary when my father died. This photo is from their 60th, which we celebrated at a nice restaurant in our area.

anniversary photo

There’s nothing like the love of a parent for their child. My nephew adores his little boy…and sometimes they dress alike!

father and son

Animals love each other too. My cats aren’t real sisters, but they are soul sisters!

two cats sleeping together

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Old gravestones

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Jakesprinter’s topic this Sunday is Simplicity. With the difficult economic conditions in the world the last couple of years, many people are adopting simpler lifestyles and going back to simpler foods.

My husband is a great cook and over the last couple of years he has started making more things from scratch such as spaghetti sauce and breads. Here is a photo of his Harvest bread, which has raisins and dried cranberries. He uses his Le Creuset to give it the boule shape. It is simple to make because it is a no-knead bread; the dough sits for 20 hours and rises on its own without kneading. It is delicious!

Harvest Bread

Harvest Bread

Last year I tried making English muffins from scratch. They weren’t uniform, but they looked and tasted like English muffins. Unfortunately, they took too much time and effort. I discovered that in this case it wasn’t worth it because our local grocery store has English muffins 3 for $1.00 on Wacky Wednesdays!

Homemade English Muffins

Homemade English Muffins

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This week’s topic is Beyond.

I chose a couple of oddball photos, not the prettiest or most artistic, but I think both are examples of the observer looking beyond the subject in the foreground.

Down the street from me is an old farm with many different kinds of animals…not necessarily typical farm animals in the U.S. Their pen is right on the street, so if you are walking by you can stop and look at the animals. Although the goats and sheep are typical, the emus are not, and in the background where the white building and red door appear, there are exotic birds, perhaps white peacocks? I can’t see what kind they are from the street, but they have huge white bodies and you can sometimes hear their unfamiliar calls when you pass by.


The other photo I chose was from last summer. As I was driving down the street when I saw an antique Ford Galaxie in front of me. I was happy when the light turned red and I had an opportunity to snap this photo. The traffic lights do not make it the most artistic shot, but I think with the road stretching out ahead of us, the viewer looks beyond the car to the rest of the wide intersection.

Ford Galaxie

Ford Galaxie

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Cee’s topic this week is water. But don’t expect some beautiful serene scene from me!

ice stalagmite

You’re wondering what this is? My husband has a pump rigged up with a garden hose to remove the excess water from the top of our pool liner. After it rains a lot we run the pump. Sometimes we forget to shut it off. This time it was on long enough and at the just the right temperature to form an ice stalagmite!

ice stalagmite too

To see more click on the icon below:


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Tree in graveyard

Autographed Tree

Click here for other Tuesday Trees

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This week’s photo challenge topic is illumination.

As you all know, my favorite subject is my cats.

Here’s a shot of Aimee when we first adopted her as a kitten looking out the blinds. I decided on black and white. She looks so fuzzy illuminated by the natural light coming through the blinds. (This was taken with a camera phone.)

cat through blinds

Aimee sees her new world through the blinds.

And here is a more recent photo of Zoee in her colorful glory, basking in the light of the window and my desk lamp.

Cat under the desk lamp.

Zoee loves the warmth of the halogen desk lamp.

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