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I have recently returned from a road trip to TN. Looking at the pictures from my trip, I guess you could say water did figure prominently.

The Sinks

The Sinks in the Great Smokey Mountains

We went to the top of the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid to get a view of the Mississippi in Memphis.


Mississippi in Memphis

And the river through Nashville was especially beautiful at night!

Nashville at night

Nashville at night


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This week’s photo challenge topic is infinite. There’s nothing that says infinite to me more than the beach on a cloudy day…the water and sky almost become one.


Endless blue


rippled water

Gently rippled water

boardwalk, beach

Walkway to the Infinite

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Cee’s topic this week is water. But don’t expect some beautiful serene scene from me!

ice stalagmite

You’re wondering what this is? My husband has a pump rigged up with a garden hose to remove the excess water from the top of our pool liner. After it rains a lot we run the pump. Sometimes we forget to shut it off. This time it was on long enough and at the just the right temperature to form an ice stalagmite!

ice stalagmite too

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cat in sink

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Jake’s topic this week is Natural Resources.

My favorite natural resource is trees. I absolutely love old trees. Next to my neighborhood they are taking an old farm and renovating it into a new senior center. One of the most precious natural resources of the old farm is its trees, which are hundreds of years old. They planted a lot of new bushes and trees as part of the renovation, but preserved some of the old trees that were still healthy.

Old Tree at Sachem Rock

Old Tree at Sachem Rock

Old trees show a life lived and have character, just like human faces, don’t you think?

The Satucket River winds through the woods around the farm-turned-senior center, another natural resource that originally made the land very desirable. This piece of land was settled early in American history. It was “purchased” by some of the first European settlers from the Native Americans who lived there in 1649; there’s a monument on the property on top of a giant rock. “Sachem” is the word designating a Native American “chief” or leader.

Sachem's Rock

Sachem’s Rock

The natural water was one important reason why certain pieces of land were desired when the Europeans first came to America. The abundant rocks in the area were another natural resource used by the farmers to make walls around their property and build structures. All these natural resources made the area great for farming and a perfect place to make a home.


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This photo challenge is courtesy of Jakesprinter.

These photos represent three different bodies of water with three different colors.

I saw this turtle fountain at the Tower Hill Botanical Garden.

The second photo is a river with a waterfall: it is Cumberland Falls in Kentucky. It was an overcast day. This waterfall is famous because it actually gives off a rainbow in the moonlight!

The third photo is the ocean. It must have been high tide…not much beach; everyone is crowded up on the rocks.

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