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This week’s topic is Inside.┬áIt was very tempting to repost pictures of my cats previously used for this topic…but here’s something different.

In the first photo, I was inside, looking out.

Norris Reservation, north river

The second photo shows a leaf trapped inside the ice.

frozen leaf under ice


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Cee’s Fun Foto topic this week is Found in Nature.

Here are some things I found in nature during a recent walk at Norris Reservation.


If you want see more examples for the topic or join Cee’s Challenge, click the icon below!

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge


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Frozen Leaves



Frozen Leaves

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Cee’s topic this week is water. But don’t expect some beautiful serene scene from me!

ice stalagmite

You’re wondering what this is? My husband has a pump rigged up with a garden hose to remove the excess water from the top of our pool liner. After it rains a lot we run the pump. Sometimes we forget to shut it off. This time it was on long enough and at the just the right temperature to form an ice stalagmite!

ice stalagmite too

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