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A friend and I recently made a trip to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. Admission to the “authentic coastal village area” was free that day with the added bonus of roving carolers and a community sing-a-long. Although it was snowing when we set off on our 1-1/2 hour drive, my friend and I were looking forward to experiencing the “warmth” of the little community when we arrived. (And we were hoping it would stop snowing!)

The snow turned to rain and then stopped, but it was still chilly. Neither of us had dressed warm enough, so we went in and out of the buildings to warm up. One of the warmest buildings we entered was the barrel-maker’s or cooper’s workshop.

cooper, barrels

The Cooper’s Workshop

There was a lovely fire going in the wood-burning stove and warm-colored wood everywhere — so many different examples of containers made by the cooper. He took the time to explain how the wood is heated up to release the moisture within it, and then the pieces of wood are bent and held together by metal rings.

Cooper Explaining his Work

Cooper Explaining his Work

It was an interesting and beautiful way to warm up on a chilly winter day!

wooden container

An Example of the Cooper’s Finished Work

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boat with a beard

Must be Santa’s Boat

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There are so many things I could do for this post because I get attached to things and I can’t possible keep them all — so many people and things gone but not forgotten. But given the season, I wanted to keep it light and not be too much of a downer. So I decided to do a repost of something I published when I first started this blog.

I dug these boots out of the back of my closet.  I’m trying to clean things out..the usual New Year’s resolutions.  I’d probably keep them for a Halloween costume or something if they still fit, but they are WAY too tight.  Before discarding them, I took a trip down memory lane and decided I would give them a little “memorial”; a photo and an off-the-cuff poem…


Viva Le 80s

The boots were ripped from a dark back closet corner;

layers of dust had dimmed them some,

decades converted playful to garish.

In their heyday

they were club fodder, party wear, perfect companions

for a young woman’s feet as they danced the night away,

hugging and supporting them,

best friends through twenty-something dramas,

crushes, lost boyfriends, flip-flopping passions.

But maturity and years, life’s weight,

layered on and the boots got tight, were obsolete;

they became jokes, banished ghosts of youth.

Back in the light, they need a new home,

a new friend,

New retro-chic feet.

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christmas pencil

I Think That is Mine…

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Yesterday we had a fairly warm day in the Northeast U.S….50 degrees! So my friends and I took a lovely walk in a bird sanctuary and enjoyed the last of the November gold before white winter takes over.

With the weekly photo challenge in mind, I took a couple of shots where the trails converged:

trail marker

A Trail Marker where the Trails Converge

Trail marker

The Boardwalk Merges…

As I walked along, I had time to think. How about the convergence of sky and water?


The Water Meets the Sky and Makes Art…

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