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Memorial Day weekend…thus begins another summer. First we visited my father’s grave; he is buried in a veteran’s section. Volunteers put flags on all the graves.

Then we made the mistake of going to the beach on a whim…at 1:00 in the afternoon on Memorial Day weekend? And you thought there would be a parking┬áspace? $20.00…are you serious???

Ok…so we found a free space when someone pulled out. OMG…look at the beach…

Guess I’ll just take a couple of pictures and we’ll get out of here…

Summer has begun…

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These are my entries for Jakesprinter’s SUNDAY POST : Pet

We went to the Cape Cod Canal for a walk. It is a popular place for walking, bicycling, and rollerblading. It is a fun place to see people with their pets.

Some people that live near me have some unusual pets: emus, goats, and some other exotic birds. The emus enclosure is near the street so I could walk right up to them.

And of course, this post is not complete without my posting my own pets, Zoee and Aimee. Zoee actually is also featured in my Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands this week.

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I found this week’s photo challenge difficult. Trying to take pictures of my own hand with one hand led to many blurry photos. I really don’t have easy access to anyone else’s hands (no children and a husband not too keen on it). I tried to take a picture of my hand petting my cat Zoee, but either she was moving or I was. Geez…

She was much more interested in what was going on outside the screen door than she was in being petted!! This is the best I could do:

Finally, I managed to take one while she was relaxed and didn’t mind being petted.

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The timing of this topic is perfect: my blue irises are out in my garden. I planted them because of Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch painter.

These type of blue irises were featured in several paintings done by Van Gogh. Here are two of my favorites.

Blue can elicit many emotions, depending on its hue or brightness. Light blue is a relaxing color, but the vivid blue of these irises or a deep blue sky represent intensity and life to me. Every spring I look forward to their blooming with excitement…they truly represent a new summer and a new season of life for my garden.

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I don’t generally take a picture of people unless they are friends or relatives. I didn’t have anything showing people working. But…I found these pictures of our old back yard before and after we “worked” at getting it straightened out.

And this is what it looked like the next year:

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Yesterday we finally saw the sun and blue sky. I think I see a huge white bird flying. Watching clouds can be so absorbing.

It made me think of this poem by May Swenson:


Above my face is a map.

Continents form and fade.

Blue countries, made

on a white sea, are erased,

and white countries traced

on a blue sea.

It is a map that moves:

faster than real,

but so slow.

Only my watching proves

that island has being,

or that bay.

It is a model of time.

Mountains are wearing away,

coasts cracking,

the ocean spills over,

then new hills

heap into view

with river-cuts of blue

between them.

It is a map of change,

This is the way things are

with a stone or a star.

This is the way things go,

hard or soft,

swift or slow.

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The best pictures I found for this topic are the ones I didn’t take!

I went out for a ride yesterday with the intention of taking some photos. There’s an antique trailer in the front yard of a house near me; it is adorable and they decorate it for the holidays. I went over there to take a picture and the owner was out in front mowing the lawn. I didn’t want him to see me taking a picture so I drove away. On the way back from there I saw an array of children’s “vehicles” for sale out in front of a house; again the owner was out front so I drove on by. Finally, as I was driving down the street I saw coming toward me one of those over-sized tricyles with the 6-foot tall front wheel. I was on a main road going 40 mph and couldn’t turn around and chase him.

So…this is what I got.

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Okay…so here’s the deal. I only have a point-and-shoot digital camera and a basic picture program on my computer. I can’t do any fancy special effects. So my response to the theme is about the story behind the unfocused picture.

My friends, my husband and I went to a wine-tasting event yesterday. It’s a lot of fun with hundreds of wine to taste for just $5.00. Yesterday we had a surprise: Bill “Spaceman” Lee, ex–Red Sox pitcher was at the event selling his wine. My friend, Fanny had just got an I-phone for work and has had little experience with it. The photo below was her attempt to take a picture of him while being jostled by the crowd and after many sips of wine. I proceeded to recite the first stanza (all I could remember) of a poem I wrote about him when I was 16 or 17, and tell him I went to see him pitch in the ’75 World Series, but got the facts wrong (damn wine). We got autographs, and I got a hug, but as for photos of the event…this is all we got.

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