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Tree Face

A Well-Worn Face

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This week’s photo challenge topic is Letters.

I often take pictures of old trees. To me they represent strength and life, and I love them for that. The oldest of them withstand storms, diseases, and human intervention.

As humans we sense that they are more sturdy and permanent than we are, less frail. The urge to carve messages into their bark is an irresistible human desire for immortality. Even before we knew how to make paper from trees, we used them to proclaim our existence and express ourselves.

Tree with graffiti

Autographed Old Tree in Graveyard

This one has an autographed branch.

Tree in graveyard

Autographed Tree


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Peeling Birch Bark, Birch Tree

Peeling Birch Bark

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This week’s photo challenge topic is On Top.

I loved this sculpture I recently saw in Hingham Square.

Turtles on rock sculpture

Hingham Square Sculpture

Here’s a close-up: there are frogs on top of turtles on top of a rock.

frogs and turtles

On Top of the Rock is a Frog on Top of a Turtle…

How about a couple of natural photos? I wanted to get closer to this tree swallow perched on top of the fence post, but I was afraid it would fly away. In fact, a couple with a dog walked up behind me right after I took this shot and the inevitable happened. Whoosh…

Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow

I found the golden lichen on top of this grave marker quite striking.


Lichen on Top of Grave Marker

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white birch trunk

Straight to the Sky…

I’d like to get away from Earth for awhile,

and then come back to it and begin over…

I’d like to go by climbing a birch tree,

and climb black branches up a snow-white trunk

Toward heaven, til the tree could bear no more,

But dipped its top and set me down again.

Robert Frost, “Birches”


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The week’s challenge topic is Monument. Here is a gallery of monument photos I have featured in the past, plus a couple of new ones.

The Boston area of the U.S. has a lot of history, though we are really a “young” nation compared with Europe. So, none of these monuments are really “old.”

The Library at Peacefield is from the 1800s.

So too, is the statue of Washington in the Public Gardens.

The original “Mayflower” that brought the pilgrims to America is long gone; the Mayflower II is a replica built in the 1950s.


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This is a new challenge for me, but when I saw it, I knew I had something to post:


Cat, pet

Cat Sign

Join the challenge here.

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