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Pine Adorned with Light

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fall leaves, sassafras

Sassafras Leaves

I had to look these leaves up in my Eastern Trees book: Sassafras!

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Fall colored leaves

Fall Maples

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Tree bark, lichen

Nature’s Canvas

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woodpecker, dead tree

This One Was Delicious!

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fallen tree

Nature’s Tree Sculpture

Judging by the state of its rootball — smooth and debris-free — this tree fell quite a while ago. The roots have taken on the look of a sanded sculpture…it was a beautiful surprise during a recent hike.

Tree Root

Tree Root “Sculpture”

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tree roots

Nature’s exhibition

Have you heard of the exhibition called Body Worlds Vital? Tree Worlds Vital is free; it is out there for everyone to see!

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tree with three trunks


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sumac flower


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old tree

Ancient Tree at Mount Auburn

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