Abstract-looking photos can be some of my favorites because they look more like “art” and less like photography. Also because you can look at them over and over and see something else, depending on your mood. This is one I have posted before, but I can’t resist posting again because it fits the theme.

reflection rippling

Water Ripples

And this is another I took more recently.

reflection of red tree blossoms

Red Tree Blossoms Reflection

Although both are reflections, they have a very different look.

Lastly, try to guess what this is?

Cranberry bog in winter

Cranberry Bog in Winter

The black ice over a cranberry bog in winter.

nest with flag

Patriotic Home

lottery ticket, lost stuffed animal


Cows, tractor

Pied Piper

I’m from New England. It is hard to find a place that we can see forever here other than at the edge of the ocean! When I think of landscape, it implies seeing off into the distance.

I recently returned from a trip to Kentucky to visit friends. I love the landscape there because it is only interrupted by cows. Ahhh…it seems so relaxing to me.

white cow, spring farm

Spring Farm Scene

I am fascinated by tall grasses; if anything in nature dances, to me it is the grasses. (I posted grasses in response to the State of Mind Challenge a few weeks ago.) I love the shooshing sound as they move in the wind, as if they are telling me to be quiet and pay attention to them and nothing else. I find it very relaxing to walk among them.

Boardwalk through Marsh

Boardwalk through Marsh

And I see someone else also got the message.

Bridge and grasses

In Contemplation on the Bridge

Yes, I am listening.

grass in the wind

Moving to the Rhythm of the Wind


Messages of love are everywhere if you look for them. This week’s challenge is One Love, defined this way:

One love refers to the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or color.

–The Urban Dictionary

Love on Wall

A Message

seagull, heart in cement

Seagull with heart…

Rainbow Flag

Love is Everywhere


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