Tiny House for Sale

Tiny House for Sale

One of the most wonderful things about children is their uninhibited sense of fun. They don’t think about anyone watching them or judging them. They also will join right in with other children even if they have never met them before.

My town has a free concert series in the summertime. Everyone brings their chairs or sits on the grass and enjoys the music. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the kids enjoying themselves.

Kids Having Fun!

Kids Having Fun!

The other morning was a foggy one at Island Grove Pond. I went to check on the swans’ babies.


Swan Family

I went to check on the ducks too. All flights were grounded.

Ducks on Shore

All Flights Grounded



giant rabbit statue

I Think I Have Had Too Much Sun!

Bird on sign

Resident Parking

roses on tree

Forever Missed

It is nice to see couples or partners of any sort.

Recently I watched these ducks have a morning bath, then swim away together.

A Pair of Ducks

A Couple of Ducks

And I watched these two bunnies chase each other around the yard.

Bunny partners

A Pair of Bunnies

Lastly, I was walking with a hiking group and saw this couple enjoying a beautiful day.

Couple on a bench

Parners Enjoying a Beautiful Day.


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