Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

It is said that trouble comes in threes; also that the “third time never fails.” This week the Weekly Photo Challenge echoes those sayings: take a picture of a group of three, aka a trio.

Here’s a trio of ducks bathing as the sun rises:


Bath time…

And a trio of deer getting ready to run if I move:

three deer

Get ready, set…

And lastly, three leaves on the ground, different colors:

three leaves

Same tree, different colors



Wordless Wednesday: Remember

Veteran's Day, flags

We Remember You…

Tree Tuesday: Sassafras

fall leaves, sassafras

Sassafras Leaves

I had to look these leaves up in my Eastern Trees book: Sassafras!

grass tassle, tall grass

“I’m going to ride like the wind…”

Fall colored leaves

Fall Maples

Sqaush, Gourds

Gourd Love

I enjoy finding beauty that others might not even notice, so this challenge is right in my sweet spot.

pipe, red leaves

Rusty Pipe amongst Red Leaves


old door

picnic table, fog

Picnic Table with Morning fog


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