Thoughtful Thursday

Don't Litter

In My Local Park…

dogwood and dumpster

Beauty and Beast

This week’s photo challenge topic is Faces.

Here’s a couple of my favorite ones: my great-niece Lily and my beautiful cat Zoee.

little girl


Cat portrait



Canoe stopover

Canoe Stopover

Abstract-looking photos can be some of my favorites because they look more like “art” and less like photography. Also because you can look at them over and over and see something else, depending on your mood. This is one I have posted before, but I can’t resist posting again because it fits the theme.

reflection rippling

Water Ripples

And this is another I took more recently.

reflection of red tree blossoms

Red Tree Blossoms Reflection

Although both are reflections, they have a very different look.

Lastly, try to guess what this is?

Cranberry bog in winter

Cranberry Bog in Winter

The black ice over a cranberry bog in winter.

nest with flag

Patriotic Home

lottery ticket, lost stuffed animal



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