As I (finally) wrote a blog post on my other blog the other day, I realized that it also fit for the topic of the weekly photo challenge this week.

Regardless of your religion, most people see an image of the Buddha as a symbol of Peace. This Buddha recently visited my town as part of the Universal Peace Project.

When I posted it on my Facebook page, one of my friends commented that her parents had gone to see it…and I know they are devout Catholics. It certainly was a beautiful sight.

Universal Peace project, Jade Buddha

Jade Buddha

duck sign

This Road is For Ducks!

The week for the “intricate” challenge has come and gone, but after a beautiful nature walk over the weekend, surrounded by buds, I decided I still wanted to post on the theme.

Nature produces intricate works every day, the most elaborate of which, to me, are tree blossoms:

Tree Blossom

Intricate “Sneeze” inducer…

And so man tries his own hand at “intricate”…

Man's intricate stonework...

Man’s intricate stonework…

But man and nature sometimes work (unintentionally) together, and nature transforms man’s work into something more intricate:

peeling paint

Cracked Wood and Peeling Paint can be beautiful…

Now that I think about it, this works for last week’s challenge as well: forces of nature. Nature’s force is sometimes just steady and relentless…I’d say the last photo shows what a little steady constant “force” can do.

I missed last week’s photo challenge: blur, so I wanted to participate this week.

Yesterday I went out for a walk to my favorite local pond. I had my regular lens on my camera, good for taking flowers along the way.

When I got to the pond, I watched a single goose fly over my head and land in the pond. That goose was immediately chased by a single swan. I captured these photos as best I could with my regular lens. No time to change lenses. Boy, did I wish I had my zoom lens on the camera at that moment!

Last week I did have my zoom lens. From a distance, I watched a dog playing at the beach…such joy!

You can see more Motion captured here!

Accident remnants

What the Spring Reveals…

cat with lamp

Every Cat Loves Her Own Sun Lamp!

I think every moment of your life is ephemeral, because that moment with those exact conditions will never happen again. Because we in the North Eastern U.S. had our snowiest winter on record (and it is snowing again today for the 10th weekend in a row even though the calendar says it is spring), I have chosen all winter ephemeral images for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

A sunrise.

sunrise with snow

Winter sunrise

A sunset.

sunset with snow

Winter Sunset

A Shadow.

Shadow on snow


Tracks on Snow.

footprint in snow

Tracks on Snow


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