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Tree Scarf

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water birds in winter


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Winter’s Range

light snow

The First Snow

The first snow is just winter’s whisper…

Never assume it can’t holler when the time is right.

Snow-covered Bush

After the Blizzard

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plow marker with snow

Not One More Flake

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I think every moment of your life is ephemeral, because that moment with those exact conditions will never happen again. Because we in the North Eastern U.S. had our snowiest winter on record (and it is snowing again today for the 10th weekend in a row even though the calendar says it is spring), I have chosen all winter ephemeral images for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

A sunrise.

sunrise with snow

Winter sunrise

A sunset.

sunset with snow

Winter Sunset

A Shadow.

Shadow on snow


Tracks on Snow.

footprint in snow

Tracks on Snow

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Snow pile

No Parking, No Kidding

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wood carving, fish carving, snow

Fish Out of Water

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I haven’t been posting because:

frozen drain

No Flow

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wooden bench

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LL Bean Boot

Big Boot

Disclaimer, sign

…Especially During Winter…


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