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two gravestones

Together Forever

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Endurance implies a length of time to me. Not only to endure challenging physical conditions such as weather, but to endure cultural changes and societal changes. To live on long after death is best kind of endurance there is.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Grave of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Wandering around an old graveyard yesterday and I couldn’t resist another take on the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Old Tombs

Old Crypts

The marble one had a “ghostly” look.

Marble Tomb Door

Marble Crypt Door

Yikes…this one looks like someone tried to break in or break out!

Cracked Tomb Door

Cracked Crypt Door

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Flags in the snow, Snowy graveyard

Veteran’s Graves Buried in Snow

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I guess I didn’t officially follow the rules of the challenge the first time: one portrait, one landscape. So here’s my rule-following version:




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This week’s challenge is to take a photo of yourself out of focus, with the background the important part of the photo. This is the grave of a child in one of the old cemeteries near where I live. There is no information on this girl; it simply says, “Louisa.”

old child's grave

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Old gravestones

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Tree in graveyard

Autographed Tree

Click here for other Tuesday Trees

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Jake’s topic this week is Surroundings.

I was think of how our surroundings affect our mood: how some people think surroundings matter even AFTER you are dead and buried. Now, I’m not trying to be morbid…but haven’t you noticed how beautiful most cemeteries are? My grandmother’s cemetery plot is on a hill overlooking what used to be a drive-in movie theater; she used to joke that she was going to spend eternity watching movies! (Unfortunately, the drive-in is no longer functional, though the screen is still there.) But her view is nothing like the one in the photos I have shown here.

Graveyard in Hull, MA

Recently some cousins of mine visited from Colorado. My brother and I took them to a cemetery of a seaside town to look at the surroundings. You will see why…it is on a peninsula. One direction provides a view of the bay and the other provides a view of the ocean.

Graveyard view of the bay

Graveyard ocean view

I certainly wouldn’t mind those surroundings for eternity!

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Burial Hill

Burial Hill, Plymouth, MA

Join the fun!






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