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This One Was Delicious!

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Here are a couple of different types of contrasts.

A dead tree surrounded by live greenery.

Dead Tree Surrounded by Live Trees

Dead vs. Alive

I found two types of contrasts in next photo: size and color. I saw a picnic table for adults next to a picnic table for children; the adult table was painted and the children’s table was not.

Two picnic tables

Painted vs. Unpainted; Large vs. Small

Finally, here are some contrasting cows!

Black and white cattle

Contrasting Cows


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Cee’s Fun Foto topic this week is Found in Nature.

Here are some things I found in nature during a recent walk at Norris Reservation.


If you want see more examples for the topic or join Cee’s Challenge, click the icon below!

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge


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Dead Tree

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After a visit to Northern Narratives today, this photo I took last week came to mind. She’s right about the importance of dead trees, especially for birds and insects; this one is fallen but is still hosting life! You can buy mushroom growing logs for edible mushrooms online. Here’s a natural one, though I wouldn’t know if they are edible.

Dead Tree




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