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I was walking in a park on Saturday, taking pictures of nature, and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a pine tree that someone decorated!

pine tree, ornaments

Decorated Tree in the Woods

Not many ornaments, but enough to make my photographic day!

ornament on pine tree

Colorful Ornament

blue ornament in pine tree

Blue Ornament

What do you know…there I am in the red ornament! 🙂

red ornament, pine tree

There’s Someone in that Ornament!

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This week’s topic is reflections. Because I was working on putting up and decorating my Christmas tree I decided to go with reflections of light in Christmas ornaments. I think the reality is distorted because I am photographing the ornaments so close up; the ornaments look huge.

Colorful Christmas ornaments placed in the center of the tree give a tree with white lights more color because of the way the light reflects off them. It give the decorating depth. I like the blurry look of the inside ornament here…it makes the Santa look more realistic.


Although this photo of my Victorian Christmas ornament is blurry, I like the way the light reflects in the ornament and that you can see the window that the tree is near.


Finally, one of my favorite ornaments is an actual reflection.


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