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water birds in winter


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The other morning was a foggy one at Island Grove Pond. I went to check on the swans’ babies.


Swan Family

I went to check on the ducks too. All flights were grounded.

Ducks on Shore

All Flights Grounded



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Two ducks

Seeing Double…

I was going to post this duck photo with the caption: Seeing Double. This thought lead my brain to think about Doublemint Gum and to start playing the jingle in my head, which lead me to search for the old commercial:


So there’s your map of my thinking and your laugh for the day. 🙂

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It is said that trouble comes in threes; also that the “third time never fails.” This week the Weekly Photo Challenge echoes those sayings: take a picture of a group of three, aka a trio.

Here’s a trio of ducks bathing as the sun rises:


Bath time…

And a trio of deer getting ready to run if I move:

three deer

Get ready, set…

And lastly, three leaves on the ground, different colors:

three leaves

Same tree, different colors



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I wasn’t sure what to post for this week’s challenge; thus, my tardiness. But this morning I took a walk to a pond near my house and saw this mother and baby duck. It appears she only had the one, but I’m sure to her, it is her masterpiece.

Mother and baby duck

Her masterpiece

Seeing them reminded me of another “duck masterpiece” I saw recently. This one is at the Fuller Museum.

Duck sculpture

Duck sculpture at the Fuller Museum

Two different artists, two different masterpieces…

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