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I was walking in a park on Saturday, taking pictures of nature, and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a pine tree that someone decorated!

pine tree, ornaments

Decorated Tree in the Woods

Not many ornaments, but enough to make my photographic day!

ornament on pine tree

Colorful Ornament

blue ornament in pine tree

Blue Ornament

What do you know…there I am in the red ornament! 🙂

red ornament, pine tree

There’s Someone in that Ornament!

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This week’s photo challenge topic is Grand.

Last night I went to a friend’s house for a party. I love going there, especially at the holidays because she is an antique collector and a fabulous decorator. She moves her pieces around and combines them in a new ways every year. The family room mantle and fireplace decorations this year were grand!

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Mantle

One of my favorite decorative touches was the punch bowl full of antique mother-of-pearl buttons she has been collecting for many, many years. A grand collection…and what a wonderful way to display them!

antique buttons

A Punch Bowl of Buttons!

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you see interesting yard art like this:

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Yesterday was a glorious day: clear, sunny and not too warm. I took a 4-5 mile walk around town. I love this time of year; it is a time of flowers and flags, and houses dressed up for the holiday. People spend all spring in their yards just to get ready for 4th of July barbecues.

I find this house too cute with its many decorations (some might think it too much, but I love it). I think someone has a lot of pride and has spent a long time in the yard.

And the side yard (and back) are cute too!

This yellow house is bright and cheery; a typical American Cape. I love the buntings on the windows.

The owners of this house have been working on it for a while and have transformed the yard (despite it being flooded several times because they are next to the river). I can’t wait until they finish their renovations on the outside of the house; I think it is quite old. I love the old buntings and flag because they match the house.

Finally, my favorite house. It looks very “American” because it is a red, white, and blue farmhouse. It looks especially great dressed for the Fourth of July.

The antique blue and white car out front is the cherry on top!

To all my followers in the US, have a safe and happy 4th of July!!

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