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Jake’s topic this week is unforgettable. It’s a great topic that I think pays tribute to the value of experience and memories.

A couple of years ago I lost my beloved cat, Simone. She was over 20 years old. We have two new kitties now that we love very much, but we’ll never forget Simone. We had her cremated and have this little memorial on the hall table: her picture, her copper urn, and a little book of our favorite memories of her life.

cat urn, memorial for pet

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Naptime with Zoee

You don’t like me napping –

not now —

You burst the sun into my darkened room

giddy with your brilliant gift;

you stand on my stomach

kneading my middle-aged dough

with gusto.

In return

I knuckle your soft brassy cheeks,

admire your whiskers

arresting as the moon;

you push with your purring face,

fit it tight and

warm under my chin.

I’m awestruck and still;

stymied intentions discarded.

I know how fragile this is:

Just breath and taste

this momentary bond


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Zoee contemplates the passing of another day...

Zoee contemplates the passing of another day…

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I found this week’s photo challenge difficult. Trying to take pictures of my own hand with one hand led to many blurry photos. I really don’t have easy access to anyone else’s hands (no children and a husband not too keen on it). I tried to take a picture of my hand petting my cat Zoee, but either she was moving or I was. Geez…

She was much more interested in what was going on outside the screen door than she was in being petted!! This is the best I could do:

Finally, I managed to take one while she was relaxed and didn’t mind being petted.

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