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Winter’s Range

light snow

The First Snow

The first snow is just winter’s whisper…

Never assume it can’t holler when the time is right.

Snow-covered Bush

After the Blizzard

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plow marker with snow

Not One More Flake

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wood carving, fish carving, snow

Fish Out of Water

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Flags in the snow, Snowy graveyard

Veteran’s Graves Buried in Snow

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Participating in the first Phoneography Challenge is problematic for me. First problem — I don’t have a new marvelous phone with a camera, so I have to do the challenge my way –as a photo challenge. It won’t be a phoneography challenge for me. 😦

Second problem…the challenge says, “To kick this off, grab your phone and head out the door. That’s right — get on your feet and go outside to explore — and document — where you live.”

Today IS NOT THE DAY. We’re having yet ANOTHER big snowstorm. So…here’s my neighborhood…from my window! Complete with water dripping down…

snowstorm, New England

View of my neighborhood out the front window (2nd story).

snowstorm, New England

View of my neighborhood out the side window (2nd story).

Maybe I’ll do the challenge again tomorrow…

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rabbit, bunny, snow

Bunny in snowstorm

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snowy tree, tree photo

As long as you are inside and warm, the blizzard can be beautiful. Trees dressed to the nines.

If you want to join Tree Tuesday or see some more beautiful images, click here.


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The blizzard I just experienced was white, white and more white.

snow, blizzard


If you want to see more examples for Cee’s photo challenge, click on the icon below.


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This week’s topic is Changing Seasons.

I live in New England. With the effects of global warming (yes, I do believe it exists!), last winter was extremely mild. My azalea was confused and put out a flower in fall.



Since I don’t have any snow where I live yet, I’ve decided to go with something from the shoebox. My friend Julie and I went up to NH in October some years ago to see the foliage and they had a bit of early snow. There wasn’t enough to make a big snowman, so Julie made a little snow bunny. I love that there are still colorful leaves on the trees and yet there was some white “frosting.”



Lastly, decorating for Christmas is an indoor reflection of the changing seasons. My cat Zoee loves this occasion!


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