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Jake’s Topic is this week is On Going.

All the credit goes to my niece, Alexa for taking and posting these wonderful photos of my great-nephew in his first year of life. Her chronicle is on going…he turns one year old soon!

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This week’s photo challenge topic is Home. I went to the shoebox for this one. My old cat Misty felt at home in her pink basket igloo!

cat beds, cats, basket

Misty in her pink igloo

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Accident scene, memorial

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The topic for this week’s photo challenge is Unique. Aside from people, or pets, the first thing I thought of was artwork.

When my husband and I got married we registered at a local art gallery. We had both been on our own for many years; we had also been together for a while so the typical needs (dishes, kitchen appliances, towels) were not tops on our list. (I think most husbands feel the usual stuff is really for the woman anyway, not for him.) We both loved art so that seemed like something we would both enjoy. One of our wedding gifts was this ceramic purple wall plaque (or plate).

ceramic wall plaque

Ceramic Wall Plaque

Another gift was a ceramic vase with a beautifully crafted frog on it. When I put this on the floor to take a photo for this challenge, Aimee decided she just had to be in the picture!

ceramic frog vase

Aimee with ceramic frog vase

The last item is something my old boss brought back on a trip to Dubai. I love the delicate wood carving.

Arabian Heritage Arch

Arabian Heritage Arch


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