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I decided to do a very different take on the Weekly Photo Challenge topic.

In the liquor business, spring means it is wine-tasting time!


Wine-Tasting Sign

The highly popular event started at 1:00; my friends and I arrived just after 2:00, and I was customer number 493!

My Tasting Book

My Tasting Book


Forgive the quality of some of the photos…there were hundreds of different wines to taste…and I was being jostled by the hoards of eager wine connoisseurs clutching the glasses and books, pushing their way to the many tables…


Sometimes it is hard to get near the tables...

Sometimes it is hard to get near the tables…




My tactic was to head to the food table first for some meatballs and cheese and crackers. You can’t go to every table unless you are extremely patient or very aggressive (and you aren’t driving home). I studied the book in search of some rose’s. …after all it IS spring and summer barbecue season is coming…

It is hard to take pictures when you are trying to handle a book, a pen, and a wine glass. I just couldn’t couldn’t focus properly with one hand, and people were moving.

Despite the blurriness of some of the people in this shot, check out the one woman not moving: the one on the left in the neon green shirt, truly paused in her tasting…

Not sure if I like this wine...?

Not sure if I like this wine…?











But don’t bother to come after 3:00, because this is what you’ll see:

Corks and empty bottles abound...

Corks and empty bottles abound…

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The man, the wine, the marketing…

chuck norris, wine, bumper sticker

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