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I remember my father teaching me to use a grid when drawing, but I had never thought about using one in photographing. This was an interesting topic.

This first photo shows a “grid within a grid”: a grid of shadows reflected in the grid of an old window.

shadow grid on window

Shadow grid on window

And the second one…well, how many different grids can you find in this one?

grids, balloons

Balloons and grids

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This week’s photo challenge topic is Windows. I don’t find parking lots particularly interesting (and I don’t think my blogger friends would either) so I chose to spare everyone pictures of the view outside my apartment windows. Instead, I’m sharing¬†some recent photos I took of some windows with a view (taken from the outside).

The first once was taken during my recent ocean walk. There’s a small reflection of me taking the picture in the second panel. It looks like it could be mountains, but it is Plymouth bay.

Looking at the ocean view behind me

Looking at the ocean view behind me

The other two are windows at Norman Rockwell’s studio in Stockbridge. The studio was closed for the winter so we could only look at the outside. It was moved from its original spot in town to the grounds of the museum. It now looks out over the river and has a mountain view the artist would have enjoyed if he had ever worked there. You can see trees and a mountain view reflected.

Norman Rockwell's studio

Mountain view at Norman Rockwell’s studio

It’s hard to see the view reflected in the tiny window, but I thought it was very picturesque with the eagle over it.

Norman Rockwell Studio

A lovely little window…


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