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The Weekly Photo Challenge topic this week is Treasure.┬áBecause I have been blogging for a while, I have already photographed and described many of my “treasures” in different contexts. I tried to come up with a couple of new ones.

I used this photo recently in a blog about my grandfather.

My "Coffee Table" -- My Mother's Toy Box

My “Coffee Table” — My Mother’s Toy Box

The “coffee table” was my mother’s toy box, made by her father, when she was a child. But here’s a close-up I took today of what is on my coffee table.

Simone's Memorial

Simone’s Memorial

It is a little memorial to my beloved cat, Simone, which includes her copper urn and a photo book with pictures of her over the years. They sit on a ceramic tray handmade by a stranger that I found in an antique store on a trip to Keene, NH. Under the tray is an old handmade doll quilt I got at an antique store on Cape Cod. Taken as a whole, my coffee table is truly the centerpiece of my living room.

This little treasure sits on another table.

My Father's "Leaf Dish"

My Father’s “Leaf Dish”

My father’s stepfather (the only grandfather I ever knew) had an entrepreneurial spirit and tried many businesses. One of them was making and painting ceramics; he and my father were going to do it together, but my grandfather died before they could get things up and running. When we cleaned out my grandparents’ house, the cellar was full of ceramic molds and unpainted ceramics, which we ended up giving away to a camp for kids. But there were a few painted ones, finished but never sold, mostly painted by my father. I see the flaws in the painting and glazing of this leaf dish, but I love it anyway, because my father’s initials are on the back…it was likely one of his early attempts. My mother has one with much neater and richer coloring –the purple color is not blotchy and pale –but I treasure this one just the same.

My Doll's Quilt

My Doll’s Quilt

Last but not least, this was a quilt I used in my doll’s crib when I was a child. Until recently I thought my mother had made it for me, and I treasured it accordingly. But in a recent conversation with my mother, I learned the true story of this treasure…it was made by my great-grandmother! I never knew that my mother had used it and passed it on to me, so it is quite old. I use it as a bureau scarf in my bedroom.

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