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I have a love-hate relationship with time. I love clocks and watches, but I have to label myself “time-challenged,” because I am a poor judge of the time it takes to perform tasks. I am always trying to fit in one more thing before I head off to wherever I am going, making me perpetually late and running behind. I suppose the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with his pocket watch would be an accurate characterization of me!

Disney Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

Disney Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

I am also a morning person. I get up early to cram in as many tasks as I can before going to work, knowing that by the time I get home I will only have the energy to make and eat dinner, maybe watch a little TV or read and then go to bed.

I enjoy going out to take pictures in the morning for the “golden hour.” These pictures of my town’s old-fashioned clocks were taken in the AM, just before sunrise.

Abington Clock

Abington Clock


No. Abington Landmarks

And now I must go, because I am late, I’m late, for a very important date…(My Job)…


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