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This week’s topic is Inside. It was very tempting to repost pictures of my cats previously used for this topic…but here’s something different.

In the first photo, I was inside, looking out.

Norris Reservation, north river

The second photo shows a leaf trapped inside the ice.

frozen leaf under ice


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This week’s photo topic is a good one: Inside. There are so many ways this could be demonstrated I will probably do more than one post!

But I will start with this one. My cat Aimee likes to go inside her “tunnel” to play with her toy.

cat photo

Aimee in her “tunnel”

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The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Inside…a secret place…a quiet place. Inside all of us lurk our real feelings, the things we don’t necessarily feel comfortable telling others.

The best gift my husband ever gave me was a 10-year journal. I treasure it; I write in it almost every day.

Mostly I write little things: daily weather, tasks I performed, and current events…longer entries I save for other journals.

But this journal has a lot of wonderful features: a section where you can record quick entries by month: your weight, for example, or the phases of the moon. There’s a yearly section in the back for medical procedures and automobile maintenance records; if you are not an Outlook person, there’s an address book (I haven’t used that part). There are also extra pages if you want to write more on a particular day than there is room for in the regular pages. How you use the journal is up to you.

My favorite feature, though, is that 10 years of the same date is on the same page. So as I write my entry for July 21, 2012, I see what was happening on the same date back in 2005.  It makes writing entries every day an adventure. As I write my present entry, I reread my entries for the previous years. There are many times that we have wondered when something happened and I am able to go back in my journal and look it up.

Our inside life can sometimes be more eventful that our outside life; no one knows what happens there unless we want to share that knowledge. I hope someday someone else will appreciate the journal as much as I do now.

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