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I love trees, even misshapen ones. Trees adapt to whatever comes their way, just the way people do to survive and thrive. And they have relationships too! For this week’s photo challenge topic of “growth“, here are some trees who are living interesting lives.

trees and vines

Opposites Attract

tree burl

It’s a Burl!

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge topic this week is Growth. I decided on a literal approach.

I find tree burls fascinating; although they are considered a “wart” or “deformity” on a tree, they also make that tree unique. The wood from the burl of a tree is often used to create art (here’s an example).¬†Examining a tree with a burl can be a fun imaginative exercise like looking at clouds.

In the spring I photographed this tree in a graveyard because the shape of the burl made me see a raised fist. The “thumb” is missing because unfortunately when I took the photo, I got so excited I ended up with a double exposure on the right side of the picture. I cropped off the double exposure, but I think you can still see the “curled fingers.”

I went back a month later and I couldn’t recapture what I saw the first time. It was a different time of day; the light was different. I couldn’t get the same angle.

Now there were leaves growing on the tree. The mood was very different. But I still found the burl fascinating.

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