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I couldn’t resist doing a second more “fun” response to the topic. Last night I was watching this movie:

Men in Black 3

Do you recognize it?

I love science fiction movies. I find it fascinating as my life goes on how things that once were “science fiction” many years ago are now reality: from computers to ATMs to SmartPhones.

In “Minority Report” there were advertisements tailored to people walking by…we pretty much have that now with the ads we receive on our phones and emails that target us all by our buying habits. I remember being amazed by the video phone calls in old Star Trek episodes…and now within my lifetime, we Skype and have video calls.

Maybe there really will be a “secret service” that handles aliens someday…:-)

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This week’s topic is Future Tense. As an editor I wanted to take this literally and look for signs using the actual “future tense.”

assisted living sign

But I realized the construction itself is “future tense.”

assisted living costruction

assisted living construction

There used to be a garden center at this spot; I bought some of the bushes in my yard there. The garden center closed and the land sat abandoned for over two years. I wondered what the future would hold for that piece of land, and this was my answer.

With all of the Baby Boomers in America becoming seniors, these centers are needed and will probably be popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, I am a Boomer myself and it could also be my future!

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