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Sometimes our own pictures surprise us. Sometimes we don’t see that bee on the flower, or that person in the edge of the picture while we are focusing on something else. But sometimes we see the “extra” person or thing and think it might make the photo more interesting.

I was taking a lot of steeples and domes in the Harvard Square area near Boston and caught this plane contrail at the same time.

steeple, plane contrail

Steeple with Plane Contrail

During my wanderings I saw this wall of windows with a beautiful reflection. I caught a steeple in the reflected windows, but unfortunately it was white and it was such a bright day…You have to look carefully to see it.

Reflection in Wall of Windows

Wall of windows Reflects a White Steeple

And here’s one from Memorial Day: Congressman Stephen Lynch is speaking, and in the┬áright-hand corner of the photo isI captured a photographer taking his picture.

Photographer, Congressman Stephen Lynch

Photographing the Congressman

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