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This week’s photo challenge topic is On Top.

I loved this sculpture I recently saw in Hingham Square.

Turtles on rock sculpture

Hingham Square Sculpture

Here’s a close-up: there are frogs on top of turtles on top of a rock.

frogs and turtles

On Top of the Rock is a Frog on Top of a Turtle…

How about a couple of natural photos? I wanted to get closer to this tree swallow perched on top of the fence post, but I was afraid it would fly away. In fact, a couple with a dog walked up behind me right after I took this shot and the inevitable happened. Whoosh…

Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow

I found the golden lichen on top of this grave marker quite striking.


Lichen on Top of Grave Marker

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Turtles matter…


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