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tree burl

It’s a Burl!

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The Weekly Photo Challenge Topic this week is: Lost in Details. It made me think of the old saying: You can’t see the forest for the trees.

I drive by this tree very often, and when I am at the intersection at the right angle, I see a face. Can you see it? The big nose about halfway up? The brow above it?

tree with burl, tree face

Tree with a face


Funny thing, when I zoomed up close to the tree’s “nose,” I saw another face! One with a big chin and jawline and a small nose! Kind of like Fred Flintstone…

tree burl, tree face

Close up of the tree’s “nose”

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge topic this week is Growth. I decided on a literal approach.

I find tree burls fascinating; although they are considered a “wart” or “deformity” on a tree, they also make that tree unique. The wood from the burl of a tree is often used to create art (here’s an example).¬†Examining a tree with a burl can be a fun imaginative exercise like looking at clouds.

In the spring I photographed this tree in a graveyard because the shape of the burl made me see a raised fist. The “thumb” is missing because unfortunately when I took the photo, I got so excited I ended up with a double exposure on the right side of the picture. I cropped off the double exposure, but I think you can still see the “curled fingers.”

I went back a month later and I couldn’t recapture what I saw the first time. It was a different time of day; the light was different. I couldn’t get the same angle.

Now there were leaves growing on the tree. The mood was very different. But I still found the burl fascinating.

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